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Hot Summer Kisses



Big league baseball pitcher Quinn Lancaster is in Barefoot Bay while undergoing rehab for surgery on his pitching arm. He’s eager to get back on the mound where he belongs, but when he meets Anna, sparks fly. School teacher and former military brat Anna Reynolds spent her entire life saying good-bye, but now she’s determined to stay in Barefoot Bay though sexy ball player Quinn Lancaster sweeps her off her feet. Sure, he’s not white picket fence material, but she’s all for a fling—and so is Quinn. Soon their hot summer kisses turn into so much more and love blooms. But the only way to get the happily ever after they deserve is if they’re willing to go to bat for each other. 

The Pilot’s Promise_redone (1).jpg
The Pilot's Promise


They fought for their country… now they must fight for their love

Air Force fighter pilot Andrew Reynolds is on leave in Barefoot Bay to grieve the loss of his best friend. His plans change when Hailey King arrives with the life-altering news they’re expecting a baby. Andrew convinces the strong-willed woman who’d attracted him from their first meeting to stay long enough to come to a parenting agreement. He promises to honor whatever decision they reach. Soon however, their resumption of the sensual nights that brought them to this point has him wanting to make a different promise.


Raised by an often absent single mother, and a string of paid sitters, Air Force Lt. Hailey King is as independent as they come. While she only intended to share the news of her pregnancy with Andrew, she finds it impossible to deny his request to stay in Barefoot Bay for a few days. Determined to not expect anything from him she’s unable to resist again being his lover. Soon, their passion has her wishing she could have faith in his promise of a shared life together.

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