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The Craftman's Corner


My husband constantly amazes me with the quality and elegance of what he creates. I'll be posting pictures of his beautiful woodwork here.  Stay tuned.

Custom Cutting Board
Cabinet our daughter wanted so she could store her necklace addiction!
Look at the detail of the molding on the front of the shelves!
A sofa table, with inlaid contrasting wood
Cake stand for a wedding cake
Made this as an engagement gift! 
Love my "M" that he made me also
Custom built mantel on an existing fireplace
Custom wedding cake stand
Foot Stool that was a wedding present
Rustic Cooler
Earring holder 
the beginning.heic

Here are some photos of the pizza oven The Craftsman built this summer. Between the weather and a learning curve, it took a little longer than he expected. I'm not sure why he thought it would go quickly, because he is such a perfectionist! And let me tell you, everything you've heard about wood-fired pizza is true - it is delicious!

This is an icebox, roughly 100 years old, that our son-in-law inherited from his grandparents. From sitting in a barn for many years, it was in a rough condition when The Craftsman starting refinishing it. But as you can see, once again his attention to detail resulted in a beautiful, functional piece.

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