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Former Army Ranger Daniel Sawyer signs up for the Brotherhood Protectors as an elite bodyguard, but he doesn’t expect his first assignment to put him in close proximity with a sexy widow. No problem. He’s got a strict policy against being with single mothers. Sure, Avery Lanier’s hot as hell, but he won’t act on his attraction. Not when he’s sworn to protect her. And not when the last thing he wants is a built in family given he’s got zero clue about how to fit into one.

After Avery Lanier’s forced off the road by a stalker and ongoing threats to her ranch surface, she accepts the Brotherhood Protectors’ help au gratis. No way will she let anyone hurt her little boy or steal her way of life. But the bodyguard assigned to her case ignites sparks she thought died long ago. She’s attracted to the muscular, strong man guarding her in more ways than one… he’s giving her son an example of how to be an honorable man.

Soon, they surrender to the desire flaming between them, unable to resist. But  they might lose their only chance for love when the madman after her escalates his threats, forcing them to make a difficult choice… one which could lead to heartbreak or give them the happily ever after they both deserve…  

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Audio narrator Juliet Ethridge moves to Montana to escape a stalker where she finds herself unexpectedly attracted to an intriguing cowboy who’s in charge of the ranch’s livestock. After the stalker continues to torment her from afar, he also takes charge of protecting her… soon their close proximity leads to more and Juliet’s starting to fall in love.


But this cowboy’s keeping a secret. Former Army electronics expert Walker Grant has been hired by Juliet’s famous mother to guard her daughter. As part of the elite Brotherhood Protectors’ force, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep Juliet safe. He’s determined to keep his hands off her, but he can’t deny the attraction flaring between them though he’s hardly permanent relationship material.


 Juliet’s stalker shows up and threatens their lives and exposes Walker’s undercover mission. Now he’s got to fight to save her before he loses her forever…

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DEA Agent Shea Kirkwood prefers to work alone. But when her informant in her last assignment blows her cover and threatens her life, she's shipped off to Montana as part of an undercover operation with only one detail to guide her. She’ll play the role of a rich, attentive wife with her new, unwanted partner, FBI Agent Hardy Sinclair.

Hardy Sinclair handpicked Shea based on her record. Faking he’s her adoring husband is easy given their mutual attraction, but acting on the desire crackling between them could lead to serious consequences. He’s determined to keep this relationship strictly professional rather than lose his hard won reputation in the field.

Shea’s onboard with a hands-off policy, but as their investigation draws them closer, they can’t deny their sizzling, sensual chemistry, which spirals out of control into a heated physical encounter. Now their hearts are on the line, but capturing the ringleaders of a violent sex trafficking ring leads them into danger where they could lose everything, including each other…


Former Secret Service Agent Samantha Ethridge accepts an assignment with the Brotherhood Protectors to give a movie technical advice. When a hot young actor witnesses a murder and is accused of the theft of a fortune in stolen diamonds, she helps him escape and protects him until the real culprits are caught. But protecting herself from acting on their mutual attraction, one she hadn’t expected with a man twelve years younger, won’t be easy.

Christopher Reardon has been fascinated with Samantha since day one of filming. She’s intelligent, strong and sexy in all the right ways. He’s determined to get to know her better, but when he’s accused of crimes he didn’t commit, he turns to Sam to help prove his innocence and they go on the run. It might be the season of peace and joy but the people after them are intent on harm rather than good will.

Between car chases and a candy cane making demonstration, Sam and Christopher remain hidden – while revealing secrets, vulnerabilities and desire. When they decide to confront the enemy and stage an act to prove Christopher’s innocence they have to rely on trust, believing in each other, and maybe a sprinkling of holiday mistletoe, to give them a fighting chance.

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