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When Army Ranger Logan Montgomery returns to his family's ranch in western Montana to mourn the loss of his father, he discovers that his best friend had a little girl as a result of their lovemaking the night before he left to join the service. He sets out to prove himself to her-that he's come home to stay.

Deputy Sheriff Kendall Grant has worked hard to build a stable life for her young daughter, Marissa. When Logan discovers he's Marissa's father, Kendall refuses to believe he intends to become a doting daddy. She's convinced he'll grow bored with small-town life and re-enlist. More than anything, she's afraid this time he'll shatter both her heart and Marissa's. How can she learn to trust that this time it's forever?

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Audra Black is starting over, and the last thing she needs is another man. After all, she’s still struggling to get past the hell her ex-fiancé put her through. Now, she’s ready to move on to a new life, new possibilities. And the first thing she’s going to do is get her pottery business up and running. First, though, she needs to find an inexpensive place to rent as her studio—and rancher Carter Montgomery’s old barn would be ideal. All she has to do is convince him….

Carter’s been fighting his attraction to Audra from the moment he first met her. But then she makes him an offer he can’t refuse, and suddenly, she’s there, in his barn, in his house, all the time. The temptation is killing him. Only Carter doesn’t do relationships—everyone in town knows it. Lucky for him, neither does Audra.

Before they know it, they’re involved in the perfect, no-strings fling. Only Audra’s past is about to catch up with her. And when it does, she has to decide: Is it time for her to run again? Or is what she’s building with Carter worth fighting for?

Cowboy Under the Mistletoe

He's all she wants for Christmas…

Gabriella Santini, Burton Springs' temporary town doctor, loves Christmas! But this year she'll be celebrating all alone…unless she can get up the nerve to do something she's been dying to do for months—ask sexy blacksmith/cowboy Van Ferguson for a holiday fling. She's going back to Chicago after the holidays, so a fling is all it can be. But while she's here, she'll be able to get the most out of the season…and Van!

Van wants Gabriella in a bad way, but he's kept his distance. He doesn't want to risk everything he's gained since he arrived in town for any woman, no matter how gorgeous, and sensual, and smart. But when Gabriella suggests a no-strings affair, Van can't resist. After all, she's everything he's ever wanted. And even if he can't keep her, he intends to make the most of every moment he gets with her.

It's the perfect solution. Too bad falling in love isn't part of the deal.

Army widow Jessica Palmer is in Burton Springs Montana for one thing—to start over. Although she's still coming to terms with her husband's death, she's ready to move on, determined to take advantage of whatever possibilities she discovers… as long as none of them involve another soldier.

Major Walker Thorne, a 3rd generation West Point graduate, is in Burton Springs to recover from a battle injury…and decide what to do next. Should he go on another tour of duty, take the Pentagon desk job his father's pushing, or quit altogether? And that decision becomes next to impossible when he falls for Jessica Palmer, and learns of her aversion to anything military.

As they spend time together, Jessica realizes that despite it all, she still can't resist a man in uniform. Walker is someone she could see herself spending her life with.

But how can she have the fresh start she wants, when she's right back where she started—praying for the man she loves' safe return?

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